Thank you to our sponsors!! 

This journey would not be happening without the support of our community. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by talented and skilled individuals. Many have reached out to offer their talents and skills and we can't thank them enough. Please take a moment to check out the businesses that are donating time to us. We hope that the greater community can in turn help them! 

Thanks to Katie Gaut and Mark Thompson at Blue Water GIS for creating our river map. Blue Water GIS is a small, family owned firm that was born out of a passion for understanding and conserving our natural world. The powerful geospatial programs and data visualization software available today allow us to interpret our physical surroundings like never before, and that is what we offer you:

We clarify data into captivating stories.

We are based out of Bellingham, WA, but being explorers at heart, we always look for opportunities to map new terrain, meet new people and discover new projects around the globe.

Have drone, will travel...


This trip would not be possible without a boat. We are beyond grateful to our friends at Hog Island Boat Works for supplying us with a durable and sleek dory hull for our trip. John St. John has been there every step of the way to help make this unique design come to life. 

Hog Island Boat Works is a design obsessed, passionate family company. We're old guides who really love to float, and fish. When we started guiding whitewater in the early 80s, plastic kayaks were just coming on. We bought plastic kayaks, because they were tougher than fiberglass kayaks, and didn't require as much maintenance. Since then plastic is what kayaks and canoes are made of. Sure, they're still aluminum canoes out there, and hand made wooden kayaks and canoes, but for every day performance and durability plastic dominates these markets, because plastic is more forgiving. 

Plastics and roto-molding is the future for boats in our class. We may not be the company that will be the biggest in the World, and right now we are one the smallest, but being small lets us listen. We are very lucky to be involved with great people that are out there every day floating and fishing in amazing places. We make our boats and accessories to be used every day in a professional capacity for ourselves and our friends who guide. Our goal then and now is to make super performing boats that take you everywhere you want to go, and to be as maintenance free as possible.

In order to turn our drift boat hull into a Grand Canyon style river dory, we needed an expert boat builder to create the decking and dry boxes necessary to make a platform for 5 months of life and work on the river. Mike Dehoff at Eddyline Welding answered the call, creating a beautiful and innovative design that fits with the history and evolution of Colorado River dories. 

Eddyline Welding is a custom river fabrication and repair business in Moab, Utah.  Eddyline Welding designs and builds quality aluminum dories.  Our focus is on delivering a boat made specifically for multi-day whitewater river trips.  Aluminum dories are tough and low maintenance, and a great way to experience the rivers of the southwest. Aluminum raft frames and dry boxes are made barefoot friendly with great attention to the little details that matter on long river trips.  All fabrication and repair is guided by 25 years of rafting experience, and a great love for boating on Western rivers.

We are grateful to have the support of NRS for our trip. Both of us have been using NRS gear for many years. We love the quality and durability of their product as well as the fact that it doesn't break the bank. Their products are made by river people for river people. We know the NRS gear we will use daily from August until December will last from start to finish, plus many more seasons! 

NRS was founded on the idea that a positive approach to business could enhance the lives of its community of stakeholders while outperforming the cynical and exploitative practices of many conventional companies. This basic principle guides every aspect of our business, from product development to marketing to sales. Everything we do, and every decision we make, is focused on creating value for our customers, business partners and communities.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear has been a go-to for backpacks and shelters for many years now. They say their products are to be "used hard" - and we have put them to the test. We feel so fortunate to have our HMG shelter, packs and stuff sacks along side of us for every day of our trip. Thank you HMG for putting so much thought and care into all that you offer! 


The start and end of our journey would not be as possible without a packraft.  There will not be enough water to carry a dory, so we need lightweight boats that we can carry in a backpack. We have been Alpacka Raft supporters for many years now and have fallen in love with packrafting due to the wild places these small crafts allow us to access. Thank you to the Alpacka family!!

Today, every Alpacka Raft is manufactured by hand in our Mancos, Colorado factory by skilled craftsmen and women that are dedicated to their craft. The current models are the product of years of experiments, re-design, and great feedback from the boating community.  Sheri remains our head designer and Thor rejoined the company in 2016 to handle our day to day operations, strategic planning, and design assistance.  Thor’s wife Sarah is also on board and can be found doing everything from answering phones and emails to giving Sheri’s latest creation a whirl on the water. On any given day, up to 75% of our shop staff may be dogs.  We continue to build tiny, little boats for those who demand something unreasonable from them.  Our designs and innovation have completely redefined the sport, and with the help of adventurers all over the world, pushed packrafting further than we ever thought possible.


We've been sleeping in Western Mountaineering bags for over 15 years. Depending upon the day, Jenny is often more in love with her sleeping bag than she is with Mike... These are quality bags that can last a lifetime. Thanks Western Mountaineering for keeping us warm and dry every night on our expedition. 

More than 30 years ago, two northern California mountaineers came together with a vision of un-compromised excellence. Their inspired dedication and persistence built the foundation that we stand on today and that vision is made reality. A dedicated search for the finest raw materials, meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship have come together to provide you the highest quality sleeping bags available anywhere. With an offering of over 30 different models, Western Mountaineering can provide you a sleeping bag for any event, outing, or expedition requiring the lightest and warmest bags.

Whether we're in a dory, packraft, canoe or kayak - we have always been loyal to Sawyer. Mike breaks a LOT of things, but these oars and paddles have stood the test against the Fiebig. Thanks Sawyer for making a solid product to help get us down many rivers. Looking forward to putting over 1700 miles on the oars for our whitewater dory!

American Craftsmanship since 1967 (with the Smoker™ Brand going back to the 1930’s)

Sawyer offers a full line of modern and traditional products for oarsmen, canoeists, kayakers, surfers and paddlers of all genres, delivered into your hands to provide unsurpassed function, performance and beauty. We design and handcraft every product in Talent, Oregon USA, ensuring everything we make is from the highest quality materials with careful attention to detail. We take pride in our employees, stewardship of the environment and our country. In return, you have the assurance of knowing the product you receive from us is genuine, made in America and cannot be replicated. Sawyer products are designed by paddlers, oarsmen and surfers alike to fully meet your performance needs. Pick one up today and experience "The Feel of Water!"

During one of our planning sessions, Mike and I were brainstorming how we will see and how others will see us going across the many miles of reservoirs when traveling at night. Mike decided to call Nite Ize for their advice. They not only had answers for us about night travel, but answers to questions we didn't even think of before. Thank you Nite Ize for your ingenuity and wisdom on how to make travel a little easier for folks in the backcountry. The Nite Ize mission is to create innovative, solution-based products with quality, performance, and value at the core.

Rick Case, who embodies the very essence of entrepreneurial spirit, built his successful company through dedication, inspiration, and hard work. He had his first big breakthrough with an order for 42,000 Headbands in 1989 - the product that started it all. Now, decades later Nite Ize continues to expand with a large manufacturing facility, distribution center, and corporate offices based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Case remarked recently that to be successful, "You have to be passionate, have faith in what you are doing, and be persistent." 

Check out a short film about Nite Ize:

Swimming is my (Jenny's) passion. The feeling of gliding through open, cold, lake water surrounded by mountains is like no other feeling. I plan to swim all of the reservoirs we come across on our journey. I feel like I can truly experience a sense of place by swimming the water.  Living in Montana, the water is very cold. I've been using an Xterra wetsuit for years and appreciate the buoyancy and quality of their suits. Thanks Xterra for keeping me warm so that I can continue to experience this joy for the rest of my life. 

XTERRA Wetsuits are designed for triathletes by triathletes — each one of our owners is a triathlete.

We are committed to bringing all triathletes the best performing triathlon wetsuits at the greatest value, combined with superior customer service. Our core values in business and sport motivate and drive us every day of the year to provide you with the best wetsuit in the industry.

We are triathletes who wear, use, and compete in the products we design and manufacture. We stand behind every wetsuit purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our unique business model allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer that designs and distributes the product, offering you the highest performing product at the best value.

Xterra is extending 60% wetsuits for anyone reading this. Click on the logo and enter CO-JFIEBIG for the code.

A big thanks to Eddyline Kayaks for supporting our expedition with lightweight 4-piece, carbon paddles for our packrafting sections. Eddyline makes high quality paddles and kayaks, and we are beyond excited to be able to use their paddles for our journey. We are also thrilled to have Scott Holley from Eddyline join us in Desolation Canyon, where his family ranched at Rock Creek. 

Eddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier touring kayaks and paddles since 1971. Founded by legendary designer Tom Derrer and currently owned and operated independently by the Company’s management team, Eddyline pioneered vacuum bag and thermoform technology making the highest quality kayaks and paddles for sea kayaking, open water, recreational kayaking and fishing in an environmentally sound manner. Our designs are a direct reflection of our team’s years of paddling experience and our philosophy of constant improvement.For 47 years the staff at Eddyline have remained focused on building quality products and providing superior customer service. Our guiding principal is summarized in founder Tom Derrer’s quote: “If we cannot make it better than what we already know, then we are not improving and neither is the sport we love.” Eddyline has lived the philosophy of “lean manufacturing” and the notion of continuous improvement from the beginning.

A huge thank you to Lone Peak Management for taking care of our home and renters while we are gone. We know that they are receiving the BEST service with Tara and her staff. Our minds are completely at ease knowing that our home in in good hands. THANK YOU!!!! 

Lone Peak Management Services performs weekly home checks, oversees subcontractor work and responds to security alarms in your absence. While visiting your vacation home, Lone Peak Management provides full concierge services, so you can relax and fully enjoy your Montana vacation. Lone Peak Management stands apart from its competition by providing a level of service unmatched in the Gallatin Valley. The company's focus is on a limited number of high-end homes, giving clients a more personalized level of service and attention. 

Neither Mike nor I are skilled photographers. We like to "take pictures." Tori Pintar offered to share her knowledge with both of us - both pre and post production. She is a true artist, and we both feel much more prepared for when we are out in the field. 

Tori writes on her website that, I don’t believe in regrets. Meals should take three hours or five bottles of wine, whichever comes first. My Anthropologie online shopping cart is always full. Sometimes I eat chocolate malted milkshakes for breakfast. Extra thick of course. I still don’t know how to use Twitter Snapchat. My dream is that all women will have solo travel opportunities. It’s how I lost my ceiling and started down a path to a bigger, bolder life. Do difficult things. Even when you don’t want to. Especially when you don’t want to. I believe that celebrations can be anything you want them to be–big, bold, beautiful or quiet, intimate, private. Anything and everything in between. Authenticity over tradition. Honor yourselves and the people you love. This is why we celebrate. I’m a Montana wedding photographer based in Big Sky but I love traveling with my clients to the places they love to celebrate their love anywhere in the world.

We appreciate how Yeti has created a product that is able to cross outdoor cultures of all kinds. So many user groups use Yeti products - recreational boaters, hunters, anglers, horse packers, campers and backyard partiers. Mike and I have been using Yeti products for years, and seeing how Mike destroys gear, Yeti has stood up to the Mike Fiebig test. We are using the Yeti Panga dry bags as well as the Panga Backpack for this journey. They are durable and well made. Thanks Yeti!! 

Here is a message about Yeti from their website... Growing up, my brother and I always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, traveling to outdoor industry trade shows with our teacher-turned-entrepreneur-father. We were raised with an appreciation for wild game, unfamiliar territory, and high-quality gear. But the coolers available at the time just weren’t up to our outdoor adventures – the handles would break, the latches would snap off, and the lids would cave in. Not only was it a hassle to replace our coolers after each season, but also these cheaply built, ordinary ice chests were limiting our good times. And that frustration led us to a solution.n 2006, we founded YETI Coolers with a simple mission: build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. One that could take the abuse we knew we’d put it through out in the field and on the water. One that simply wouldn’t break. We decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and firsthand experience – not from market research and data analysis. Today, YETI products perform when it matters most - whether that be an excursion into the remote Alaskan wilderness, chasing redfish on the Gulf coast, or just getting together with friends in the backyard.